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Counterfeit currency-$20 created watermark
Counterfeit bills? The CSS-1 Counterfeit Detection Unit can eliminate this issue at every point of sale location within your business & NOW *50% off.
We are having a closeout sale and offering the CSS-1 & CSS-2 counterfeit detection units at 50% off while supplies last. We're making room for new security equipment & closing out our inventory. 

Counterfeit detection unit CSS1 by Credible Security Solutions, Inc. Consultation - Investigation - Protection in Houston
The CSS-1 / Quad-Counterfeit Detection Unit was $49.99 and now only$24.99! 

*Minimum order of 60 units to receive the 50% discount. Orders below that amount will be billed at the original price. 

CSS-2 Tri-Counterfeit Detection UnitThe CSS-2 / Tri-Counterfeit Detection Unit was $39.99 and now only $19.99!

*Minimum order of 60 units to receive the 50% discount. Orders below that amount will be billed at the original price.

While supplies last, all units are 50% off! In addition and at no extra cost, you will receive a Quick Reference Guide as well as an Attention Decal with every unit purchased!

Quick Reference Guide fr counterfeit currency


Attention Decal. This location utilizes a counterfeit detection unit.

The CSS-1 and CSS-2 can be used to accurately detect counterfeit currency; state issued driver licenses/identification cards, checks, money orders, credit cards, traveler's checks, casino chips, event tickets and more. If you are the owner/manager of a financial institution, nightclub/bar/restaurant, retailer or other business that handles any of the aforementioned items, then the CSS-1 is a must! We have provided units and training for privately owned businesses and large corporations to include banks, sporting arenas, nightclubs, gas stations, liquor stores, etc.......

  • Both units include a large built-in magnifying lens for micro-printing verification.
  • Powerful ultraviolet covered light detector (one 9W UV lamp-approximately 7000 hours lifetime)

  • Also, equipped with a watermark verification window with white light (one 7W lamp).
  • The CSS-1 is equipped with a magnetic detector, to further increase bill or document analysis capability by detecting the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR).
  • Compact and portable sturdy plastic body.
  • Accurate and convenient to use.
  • Specifically designed to protect the user from direct eye exposure to the UV rays.
  • Eliminates/Reduces counterfeit losses. 

 Detect resume paper instantly 
Counterfeit currency by using resume paper      Validate bills using the UV Strip
Validate bills using the UV strip

Identify Lincoln instead of Franklin on a counterfeit $100 bill
Quickly identify Lincoln instead of Franklin on a counterfeit $100 bill

713-936-CSS1 (2771)

The counterfeit bucks stop here!

All units have a 1 year warranty on normal use from the date of purchase. 
The CSS-1 and CSS-2 products are warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects, as long as the original purchaser owns the unit, during the life of the product. For purposes of this warranty statement, the "Life of the Product" is defined as 1 year from the date of the original purchase. CSS's limit of liability under this warranty is to repair or replace the product at CSS's option. Consequential costs such as, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of time, or freight charges are not covered. Any product that has been abused, altered, tampered, or incorrectly operated is not covered and a re-stocking fee will apply. Product finish and light bulb life is excluded from all warranties.