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Our goal is to provide you and your team with an effective, credible solution to any security issue that may arise within your organization. In addition to our unparalleled consulting and investigative services, we also provide the highest level of protection for celebrities, executives, dignitaries as well as their families and only employ those professionals who understand the special care that comes with these types of responsibilities. Our efforts are focused in Houston and other cities in the State of Texas but we are more than capable of traveling domestically depending upon your investigative and/or protective needs. The founder and CEO is actively involved within all investigations and protection details to ensure that the utmost level of professionalism is provided to all clients that request our services.

Our Mission:

Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is committed to the principles of trust, loyalty and confidentiality. Our priority is assisting our clients in an honest and highly ethical manner by conducting all company activities with the utmost level of integrity adhering to our eight credible requirements. Our success is contingent upon our clients' success, and our credibility is based upon their perception of our actions.

Our Vision:

As a premier security consultation, private investigation, personal protection agency and most recently, training academy; we are focused more upon preventing loss and/or threats as opposed to merely reacting to them. This vision will be accomplished by providing training on how to prevent security breaches as well as thoroughly investigate those violations that have already been committed. This in turn will fully protect our clients and their family's overall well-being as well as their assets. If you have a security issue, we have a credible solution!

Founder & CEO Bio:

J. Abiona who is currently the founder and CEO of Credible Security Solutions, Inc. started his career in 1990 as a security officer in New York City and has been conducting security consultations and investigations as well as personal protection since 1994. Mr. Abiona relocated to the Houston area and has been a licensed private investigator with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Board since March 2009. As of January 2011, after successfully passing the Texas State Manager's Examination, he launched Credible Security Solutions, Inc. which is a fully insured security consultation, private investigation and personal protection agency, licensed by the Texas Private Security Board, License C16911. #crediblesecurity #cssone

During the last 25 years, he has worked with celebrities, executives and other individuals who hired him to protect them and their families. During the last 5 years, Mr. Abiona has been subcontracted to secure the New Year's Eve Event in New York City's, "Crossroads of the World", Times Square; where he supervises all of the security officers who secure the high profile access points and stage perimeters at the event while protecting the staff and A-List celebrities in attendance.

Before incorporating Credible Security Solutions, he retired from the corporate world as a Regional Loss Prevention Director who conducted internal investigations in more than 300 retail locations in NY, NJ, TX and LA. Mr. Abiona has conducted countless thorough investigations and has completed well over 5000 interviews and interrogations in his career as an investigator with an unprecedented success rate in obtained admissions. He has also created a training class on how to effectively interview a subject while reading body language and facial micro-expressions. His knowledge and experiences have assisted numerous investigators and corporate personal in becoming successful interviewers. He has presented this topic for a variety of Fortune 100 companies throughout the country and was most recently a guest speaker for the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners , Texas Association of Licensed Investigators as well as the University of Houston. He has also conducted numerous job interviews for corporations to assist within the hiring process to ensure the most honest candidates were hired for their positions.

Credible Security Solutions, Inc.

2100 West Loop S, STE 900

Houston, Texas 77027-3522

For a FREE assessment regarding your investigative or

protective needs.

Main:     713-936-CSS1 (2771)

Fax:        713-481-6264

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Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is a proud member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators as

well as the American Society for Industrial Security

Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is licensed and regulated by the Bureau. may be directed to P. O. Box 4087,

Austin, TX 78773, (512) 424-7710 or email:

We accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards as forms of payment

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