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We offer the following services:

  • Uniformed armed credible security officers

  • Executive protection

  • School security 

  • Celebrity protection

  • Concerts & events

Uniformed Armed Credible Security Officers

If your need is for uniformed security; our armed security officers are some of the most experienced and well trained in the security industry today. Our security officers have spent years in the field and have held such positions as Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent, Special Weapons and Tactics Officer, Chief of Police, New York City and Houston Police Officers, Emergency Medical Technician, active Texas State Guards as well as other active and retired military personnel. Our officers are fully trained, licensed with the TXDPS-PSB and insured. Our hiring standards are some of the strictest in the business and we monitor, evaluate and train our personnel on a continual basis.

Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is not a company that simply places a warm body at your location and calls them a guard. We don’t post hiring advertisements that state “train today, work tomorrow.” We also don’t offer a monetary sign on bonus to persuade the average security guard to join our team. Instead, we offer a very unique bonus structure for our professional security officers that are already employed. This program encourages our officers to take ownership of the accounts they've been assigned to and illustrates to them that their professional demeanor as well as their dedication is appreciated and rewarded. 

We have a strong company culture that begins during the hiring process and we adhere to our 8 CREDIBLE Requirements. These principles are executed daily in our client interactions, our services and contributions to society. As a company, we are proud to have such professionals on our team who represent themselves accordingly. In addition, our security officers represent Credible Security Solutions in a positive manner, which exemplifies our level of professionalism to you, our future client. We have been subcontracted by some of the world’s most well-known security agencies to oversee their contracts and can provide references upon request in addition to the references provided below. We set the standards that other agencies attempt to follow. "If you have a security issue, we have a credible solution!"

Hourly Bill Rate: 

Our average bill rates for uniformed security officers are dependent upon the security detail, officer responsibilities, threat level, amount of hours billed on a regular basis and contract duration. Our founder and CEO, Jay Abiona would like to speak to you directly to gather more information regarding your site in order to provide an accurate estimate. What our hourly bill rates do include within contract are: armed/uniformed/licensed security officers who work directly for our company. We don't subcontract and all of our CSO's are W-2 employees. Our hourly bill rate would also include a risk assessment ($3,600+ value-no charge to you), post orders created customized to your location (security policies and procedures), digital reporting through our officer reporting system, web based and secure client portal, onsite security iPhone (calls, texts & emails to CSO on duty) as well as an Active Shooter (#MassCasualtyAttack) Awareness Presentation for all of your employees ($3,000+ value-no charge to you). 

When searching for a security company, once you find out their bill rate, make sure to ask the pay rate of their guards. There will be a lot of so called security companies that offer a lower bill rate and then compensate their guards $8-$14 an hour. I can assure you that you will not have a professional security officer on duty if that's the case. We compensate our officers 62–66% of our bill rate and provide medical benefits, which means you will have a more professional officer at your location, that's focused on doing the job correctly and protecting our clients.

Personal Protection Officers (PPO's-Bodyguards)

Personal Protection or what some refer to as a bodyguard is NOT about fighting, using a gun, or simply hiring an off-duty police officer. The role of a bodyguard in society today is often misunderstood by the public, since their typical perception is based upon a highly dramatized action film depicting the profession. When meeting people, most seem to say "Wow, a bodyguard? What an exciting job!" However, the truth is, if there is any excitement during the day of a bodyguard, then he or she did not conduct the proper planning in order to deter the issue/s from occurring. In contrast to the exciting lifestyle depicted in the movies, the role of a real-life bodyguard is much more mundane: it consists mainly of planning routes, pre-searching rooms and buildings where the client or also known as the "Principal" will be visiting, searching vehicles, which will transport the principal, conducting background checks on people that will have contact with the principal and ATTENTIVELY escorting him/her during their daily activities.

Overall, the main objective is to be proactive and use preventative protection measures so that a security incident never occurs. An effective personal protection program has to be based on intelligence, research and preparation rather than sheer muscle. Credible Security Solutions, Inc. employs only those professionals who understand the special care that comes with these types of responsibilities. Our officers are all licensed professionals who have been highly trained and are skilled at paying close attention to the smallest of details in order to foresee a security threat before it materializes. All of our Personal Protection Officers (PPO's) have been through extensive training and are licensed with the Texas Private Security Board after successfully passing the state's Level IV examination.

In order to be licensed, our PPO's must undergo a pre-employment screening, fingerprinting, criminal background check and a drug test before being hired and assigned to any security detail. This mandatory training involves state laws, advanced detail techniques, "Verbal Judo", self defense, expandable baton and felony handcuffing techniques, Oleo Resin Capsicum pepper spray certification, firearm proficiency, First Aid-CPR-AED and more. They must also complete and successfully pass the Minnesota Multiphasic Personal Inventory, which is used in order to assist with identifying any personality disorders that may exist. In addition, they must actively peruse and participate in continuing education classes in order to withhold their state license as well as continue to be employed by CSS The officers that are assigned to our clients have various backgrounds to include military, active and retired law enforcement, private investigators, security consultants and state licensed personal protection officers.

The founder and CEO of Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is actively involved within all protection details to ensure that the utmost level of professionalism is provided to all clients that request these services on a contractual basis. CSS will provide contracts starting from a four (4) hour detail up to a 1 year contract focused upon our clients' needs.

Client Testimonials: 

  • Ivan Kush - Director Technical Services at Calpine

"I met Jay while I was acting as a delegate chosen by our local home school cooperative to find a security solution that we as parents trusted our children's lives with. My background and life experiences provided me with the ability to make a rigorous assessment of all the providers we entertained. Jay was one of the first providers to call me back, and listened carefully to our situation, our concerns, our opportunities and our obligations. Where others were quick to interrupt making claims and not really listening, Jay took the time to really listen. Upon our first meeting Jay was concerned, understanding and again listened. Jay went to great lengths (at some cost to him) to provide us with a solution where I and the other parents I have spoken with truly feel our children are safe with his team. The first day of service Jay was in person patrolling with his officers evaluating our space, engaging the children and teachers and ensuring his staff knew our expectations and his expectations. Subsequently Jay's approach using "standing orders" is reminiscent of a tried and true process that has worked for centuries with our nations military services. His staff is VERY well liked by the children and the teachers, and his staff are not brutish monsters in the corners with guns, they are professional, polite, courteous, helpful and engaging with the children and staff. As far as I'm concerned we got lucky and got the best on the first try. As an active parent who plays as much of a role in my children's lives as possible, I don't trust them to just anyone, let alone someone who is carrying a firearm - I don't know how much more can be said than that."

  • Michael Evans - CEO at USPA International

"USPA has a long-standing relationship with Jay Abiona at Credible Security Solutions. Credible is one of our most trusted partners in Texas because of their reliability, expertise and seamless execution on each and every of the many security projects they handle for us. I highly recommend Credible Security Solutions for close protection, armed security officers, investigative work and training."

  • Janice Jamail-Garvis - CEO/Founder/Real Estate Broker of Jamail Real Estate, Inc.

"Jay and his team were excellent security providers for our 3 day conference of over 1000 attendees. They were professional, not only in their performance on duty, but their appearance and demeanor. A job well done!"

  • Shoyab Panchbhaya

"Outstanding responsiveness and support during a highly unusual and scary time in our lives. Jay provided us with 75 hours of continuous armed security guard presence outside our home on very short notice. Jay himself provided the initial coverage until his officers were in place. Top-notch work. Thank you, Jay, for helping us through this. I highly recommend your company."

  • Chad Duke, PPS - Recruitment and Compliance Manager at AS Solution

"I worked with Jay on a dynamic, complex project in Houston, TX July 2013. This project was for a Fortune 100 client, I specifically hired Jay to direct a portion of this project with full autonomy. This project had personal protection, executive support, EMT response, K9 Unit and general readiness to respond to any and all situations. Jay and his team performed as advertised and adjusted well to an ever changing environment. It didn't matter what task was sent Jay's direction, him and his team got the job done. I would recommend Jay Abiona for any project."

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Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is a proud member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators as well as the American Society for Industrial Security

Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is licensed and regulated by the Bureau. may be directed to P. O. Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773, (512) 424-7710 or email:

We accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards as forms of payment

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