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Credible Security Press Release

We have conducted countless thorough investigations throughout the years and completed well over 5000 interviews with an unprecedented success rate in obtained admissions. Some of these investigations included:

  • Background Checks

  • Locates (Persons & Assets)

  • Infidelity

  • Internal theft-merchandise & cash

  • External theft-shoplifting/organized retail crime

  • Counterfeit currency

  • Robbery & Burglary

  • Piracy

  • Extortion

  • Sexual harassment

  • Hostile work environment

  • Labor law violation 

Comprehensive Background Checks

Credible Security Solutions, Inc. strongly suggests conducting background checks on potential employees, business partners & contractors. We have prevented people & businesses from taking possible losses by providing information that assisted them with making the appropriate decisions with regards to not entering into business agreements or hiring an individual.

We leverage some of the largest, most powerful online databases with public and proprietary records available providing information about people, businesses, assets, and locations. We use these databases to assist with investigations to find missing persons as well as locate and recover debt. The investigative databases we use are updated constantly, ensuring we obtain the most accurate phone numbers, SSN’s, and location information to assist with solving investigations. Built on an architecture of advanced linking algorithms and cutting-edge super computing, our online investigative systems allow us to quickly identify interrelationships between people, their relatives, associates, businesses, assets, and locations so we can easily connect the dots and provide our clients with credible solutions. Our searches and reports include the following:

Personal searches

  • Names & aliases

  • Bankruptcies, foreclosures, liens, judgments & criminal history

  • Current and historical addresses

  • Phone numbers to include listed/unlisted land lines/cell phones & utilities data

  • Relatives, neighbors & associates

  • Assets to include property, vehicles & more

  • Licenses to include professional, driver’s & more

  • Email addresses & social networks

  • Vehicle sightings

Business searches

  • Current/previous employees, officers & directors

  • Assets

  • Bankruptcies, liens & judgments

  • UCC filings

  • Current and historical phones, addresses & DBAs

  • Branches, subsidiaries, parent companies & headquarters

C.S.S. Business Interview Objectives:

  • To report upon any forms of related employee misconduct, or crimes against the employees and the organization.

  • To gather all information concerning the alleged or suspected problem in a way that allows management to enforce its policies and carry out appropriate corrective action.

  • To perform the fact-finding process without being disruptive to your company, its operations, or employee morale.

  • To structure the process to reduce liability, improve morale and increase profits. 

After the information-gathering and fact-finding phase of the workplace investigation is completed, we conduct interviews of selected individuals. These individuals should have firsthand knowledge about alleged misconduct. Through the skillful application of interview techniques, our professionals have an unprecedented success rate in obtaining admissions without coercion, threats, or promises of leniency. In most circumstances we obtain written, verbal, and digitally audio recorded statements from those interviewed. All information is cross-referenced with the information developed from other employee interviews, verifying and confirming results where possible. This method provides a complete picture of the employees and others involved so you receive a complete, comprehensive workplace investigation. These very Specialized Investigative Interviews will take approximately 1 to 2 hours each in duration to complete, unless special circumstances dictate otherwise. The lengths of the interviews are determined by the level of cooperation of the employee and volume of pertinent information provided by those interviewed. We make no recommendations regarding discipline. However, the results of the investigation and subsequent interviews are provided in a detailed summary and a final report in order to assist you and your counsel with your decision-making process.

C.S.S. has also closed cases by using such tools as statement analysis, covert surveillance's, background checks as well as integrity shops. We have developed working relationships with the U.S. Government Redesigned Currency Department, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, nationwide police municipalities and loss prevention executives from some of the largest corporations in the United States. The founder and CEO of the company is actively involved within all investigations to ensure that the utmost level of professionalism is provided to all clients that request these services on a contractual basis.

Shoplifting Response Team (S.R.T.)

Some retailers have their own Loss Prevention or Asset Protection officers, yet other retailers may not have the budget for such a department. Our store detectives that are apart of our elite Shoplifting Response Team are fully trained on the five elements of proof needed in order to make a shoplifting apprehension and have years of experience detecting, apprehending and processing shoplifters in retail environments. They are the perfect solution for the retailer that has a shoplifting issue but can not justify creating a department and supplying store detectives at every location. CSS continues to research and develop smarter approaches to better assist our retail clients with decreasing, elevated product losses in various retail markets that are caused by dishonest customers and/or professional shoplifters (boosters).

Our goal is to enhance communications among store personnel, Loss Prevention Supervisors and Organized Retail Crime Investigators as well as identify professional boosters and the criminal organizations associated with their activity. We also can assist retailers in developing criminal investigations which engage in the organized retail crime activity. To learn more about shoplifting in the United States today, please CLICK HERE to be redirected to our educational blog on shoplifting. Please contact us today to discuss a specific external theft reduction plan that would work well within your locations. 

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Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is a proud member of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators as well as the American Society for Industrial Security

Credible Security Solutions, Inc. is licensed and regulated by the Bureau. may be directed to P. O. Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773, (512) 424-7710 or email:

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