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Active Shooter Awareness Presentation


According to FBI statistics, an active shooter situation occurs approx. every 18 days across America. NYPD statistics claim, 46% of the attackers have been neutralized by the application of force by police and/or security & 40% of the attackers committed suicide.

Do the math..... That's 86% of the attackers who were willing to die for their cause, which has caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of physical/emotional injuries year after year in America. Your organization needs to be prepared mentally & physically. 

As knowing how to run, hide and/or fight is HELPFUL, it is NOT the only solution.

How can you detect and/or deter these types of incidents before they occur?


Presented at your location, our 60-90 minute Active Shooter Awareness Presentation (#ASAP) will educate participants on the following:

  • Overall profile of an Active Shooter, also known as a Mass Casualty Attacker

  • Active Shooter statistics in America (customized to your city & your industry)

  • Detailed profile of an Active Shooter

  • Situational awareness & preventative techniques

  • Detecting dangerous demeanor, facial micro-expressions & reading body language of a potential attacker

  • Internal observations to prevent workplace violence occurrences

  • Interview techniques for hiring appropriately

  • Best practices regarding employee and/or client terminations

  • Run, Hide, Fight theory

  • Emergency Action Plan suggestions


  • Uniformed & armed professional security officer/s on site during the presentation (applies to businesses in the Great State of Texas)

  • Basic security assessment

  • All in attendance will have an opportunity to win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card

We offer an interactive 60-90 minute presentation to include video, audio, questions/answers & free giveaways. We are one of the very few security companies in the world conducting a presentation with this much information, in such a short period of time.

To learn more about the presentation, options, pricing & to schedule a meeting, click here now to contact us or click on the #CSSONE below. Until then, Stay Alert & Be Safe! #SABS #ASAP

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