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* Have you ever conducted an interview & were unsure if the individual was being 100% honest?

* Have you ever asked yourself if you made the 'right' decision with regards to hiring an employee?

* Have you ever made the decision to terminate someone's employment saying to yourself, "I knew something wasn't right when I hired them."?

If so, then this presentation is for YOU!

We all know that the largest cost in any business is payroll. In order to have hardworking, loyal and HONEST team members, you NEED to hire appropriately. This class will assist you with hiring the ‘right’ candidate for any job! You will learn some of the same techniques that are used during interviews and interrogations that "motivate" the individual being interviewed to tell the truth.

TOPIC: Interviews for Success: An insider's approach to reading body language effectively 

SPEAKER: J. Abiona, Founder & CEO of Credible Security Solutions, Inc.

SUMMARY: This presentation will focus on the true interviewing skills that are needed in order to effectively interview an individual. The discussion will focus on how to observe body language communicated by individuals and how to decipher whether what is communicated verbally is truthful or untruthful, by observing the physical clues that are provided during a conversation. The topics and skills that will be discussed will consist of the following:

- Deception statistics

- Effective pre-screening/fact finding process

- How to set up the room for an effective interview

- Open ended vs. close ended questions

- Facial Micro-Expressions

- Body language of a truthful/untruthful candidate

All in attendance will receive the following:

- Chef prepared meal served in a networking environment

- Detecting deception skills

- Chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card

- Chance to win an Online facial micro-expression training valued at $60.00

DURATION: 60 minute presentation


BIO: Mr. Abiona has been conducting security consultations, private/criminal investigations as well as personal protection since 1994 in the New York City Market. He has conducted countless thorough internal theft investigations and has completed well over 5000 interviews/interrogations in his career as an investigator with an unprecedented success rate in obtained admissions. His knowledge and experiences has assisted numerous investigators and corporate personal in becoming successful interviewers. He has presented this topic for a variety of Fortune 100 companies throughout the country and was a guest speaker for the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners, Texas Association of Licensed Investigators as well as the University of Houston. He has also conducted numerous job interviews for corporations to assist within the hiring process to ensure the most honest candidates were hired for their positions. During this presentation, he will provide his knowledge and experiences in order to assist you with becoming a successful interviewer to ensure you are not only listening to the words of an individual but reading their body language markers as well as facial micro-expressions correctly.

This presentation was designed for all business owners, CEO's, Store/District/Regional Managers, Human Resource Directors, Recruiting Agencies, Sales personal and basically ANYONE who wants to be able to detect deception as well as effectively read emotions. This will subsequently assist you with hiring the 'right' person, which in turn can help you run your business more effectively.

Testimonials from previous meetings:

Kevin C. - “Jay, thanks for speaking to the University of Houston Internal Audit Capstone class about interviewing skills and techniques. You are an engaging and dynamic speaker. I thought your use of videos to demonstrate and reinforce your teaching points was very effective. It struck me that it makes good business sense to use a highly skilled, trained professional to improve your chances of determining if someone is lying and getting them to confess. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you next year.”

Robert G.- "The subject matter for Interviews for Success was excellent and presented in a very easy to understand manner. Your presentation skills were excellent as well as your use of Power Point to present the material. I learned a lot today and was glad that I attended the seminar. In addition, the conference room was very comfortable and conducive for learning. I would not hesitate to take another one of your seminars and would also not hesitate to recommend it to anyone else. On a scale of 1 to 5, (1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest), I would rate all the above items as a 5."

Dan G. - "This was the most informative and useful Chamber meetings I have ever attended (of ANY Chamber)! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Cassandra R. - "Jay, Amazing job today. I am so appreciative of you giving your time to our group today. This was was a great way to kick off our young professionals speaker series. You set the bar extremely high. Great feedback from attendees. I also appreciate your flexibility with the space. It didn't go in my head how I anticipated but you were a champ. Thank you again. I hope to see you again soon. I know I'm not supposed to have favorite members but if I did you would be one of them! Have a great night!"

Charles A. - "Jay's company name speaks a lot about his business practices: CREDIBLE! Because he is the CEO, he sets the tone and expectation at the top for everyone else in the company. That says a lot right there about both Jay and Credible Security Solutions.

Recently, I attended Jay's Interview Training class and he did an excellent job delivering the message, along with great videos and visuals...... attendees left with clear and solid information on how to conduct Interviews in their work setting. Jay does an exceptional job on his delivery and Q&A. Well done Jay!"

Lewis W. - "Jay's 1/24/13 seminar was very helpful, and my client guest was impressed. It was informative, well organized and nicely presented."

George L. - "Our Guest Speaker (Jay) yesterday was absolutely riveting! Good job in bringing him in! I was thinking about all he was able to impart to us yesterday in the brief moments that he spent with us. I would think that the majority of the Chamber Membership would be equally captivated by the knowledge that he possesses."

Helga Z. - "It was a very interesting presentation. Informative and fun. We were happy to have you at our meeting!"

Oliva B. - "Mr. Abiona, I loved your lunch & Learn seminar today it was a very thorough topic,By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator and I was glad you reserved a few minutes to field our questions. Your answers were very insightful Please accept my thanks for a great presentation!!!"

Jasive S. - "Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge with me; I appreciate all that I can learn that makes me perform better on behalf of my company and even in my personal life. This Lunch-learn was most illustrative. Thank you again Best regards Jasive."

Stephen W. - "Jay, the presentation was great. I did review the DVD and passed it on to our HR Manager for evaluation I believe it holds information we need to share with our employees. Thank you for the bonus to the presentation."

Cynthia H - "Your presentation was excellent. Interesting as well as full of valuable and timely information. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise with our group!"

Kathleen S. - "Jay provides insight, training and guidance in the delicate art of pulling out the truth from an employee, partner or interviewee. My interest in his services was mainly personal though have recommended him to many CEO's on my contacts lists. The information he provides is useful on many levels. I highly recommend Jay Abiona and his services."


TIME: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Event Scheduling:

11:30 am - Meet and greet - lunch will be provided

12:00 pm - Presentation begins

12:55 pm - Questions and answers

01:00 pm - Presentation ends/drawing conducted and winners selected

Individual Seats

SAVE 50% by ordering online

SAVE 50% by ordering online

Company Tables (8 seats)

SAVE 50% by ordering online

SAVE 50% by ordering online

You release and hold harmless Credible Security Solutions, Inc., which includes Jay Abiona and Credible Security Solutions, Inc. representatives, officers, employees, assistants, sponsors and organizations permitting the event.

You grant Jay Abiona and Credible Security Solutions, Inc., the right to photograph and record your name, voice, appearance and likeness and any matter of material furnished by you. If the program or portion, in which your name, voice, appearance, or likeness or any matter or material furnished by you is recorded, photographed, broadcast, or sold, you hereby release said matter in perpetuity to Jay Abiona and Credible Security Solutions, Inc., without prejudice and acknowledge that you are to receive no compensation or credit for such appearances or recordings.

By registering for this presentation, you acknowledge that you have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding your voluntary participation in this program and any aspect of its content. 

We have provided training classes for privately owned small businesses & large corporations throughout the country.

CALL TODAY to schedule a presentation at your next district, regional or divisional meeting. 

Credible Security Solutions, Inc. 713-936-CSS1 (2771)

Whether you are a human resource director, recruiter, hiring manager, president or CEO of a company, the SECRETS in our blog will help you make a better decision when attempting to hire the ‘right’ person for the job. To review our blog, 8 CREDIBLE STEPS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEWER, please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to learn more about facial micro-expressions before this presentation, please feel free to click here.

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