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Are you looking to become a professional

security officer or bodyguard?

Every first Wednesday of the month from

9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Register NOW!

(2016 Scheduled dates: 10/05, 11/02 & 12/07)

(2017 Scheduled dates: 01/04, 02/01, 03/01, 04/05, 05/03, 06/07)

Level II Security Officer Certification:

(Unarmed-Non-Commissioned) with *EXTRAS 

The Level II Training Course offered by Credible Security Training Academy will assist you with passing the exam,

which is required to be certified as a Non-Commissioned Security Officer (unarmed) in the State of Texas.

The Level II license is needed before attempting to become certified as a Commissioned Security Officer (armed)

and/or Personal Protection Officer. These certifications will give you more of a competitive edge in the field and allow

you to work additional jobs for security agencies. Our Level II class offers the following to assist you with that goal:

CSTA Training Plan:

  • TXDPS-PSB approved state requirements

  • State training manuals for the Level II, III & IV

  • PowerPoint presented by an experienced instructor with a wealth of knowledge & credentials to validate his experience (see below)

  • Non - violent conflict resolution

  • Public relations, professionalism & security officer code of ethics

  • Observation & surveillance tips

  • Report writing

  • State exam

  • Professional certificate of completion

*CSTA Extras: Two additional hours of training to assist you with getting hired by a

reputable security agency. And........

Detecting Dangerous Demeanor: **Basic D3 - We are the ONLY security academy in Texas providing this

training material to officers. To learn more or take the entire D3 course online, please click on the photo below. 

**We are a proud affiliate & an official re-seller of Humintell.

All students also receive the following:

Tactical Flashlight

  • Adjustable focus range for different usage-stretch to adjust its focus supports in-out zoom.

  • Skid-proof & water-resistant design, using durable aluminum alloy casing.

  • Mini size & steel body clip with 3 mode adjustable brightness -High/Low/SOS (changed by Switch)

  • Output brightness can achieve up to 350 lumens (MAX)

Personalized metal name tag (Bring your certificate to Discount Uniform International to obtain your security officer name tag.)

Lunch will be prepared and delivered by Sweetery.

CSTA Class Requirements:

  • 18 yrs. of age or older

  • No class A misdemeanors or convictions within the last 10 yrs

  • No class B arrests or convictions within the last 5 yrs

  • No felonies within the last 20 yrs

  • Must be mentally competent

  • Must have no history of substance abuse or addiction

  • Military, must be honorably discharged

  • Registration fee must be paid online before attending the class

  • Attend the entire course & pass the exam

Items to be brought to class:

  • Materials for taking notes

  • Good attitude

  • Professional demeanor

  • An eagerness to learn & be successful in the security industry

***CLICK ON 'Add to Cart' NOW to secure your seat***

Level II Classroom Certification

TXDPS-PSB required information, exam and certificate. FREE extras:

- D3 training ($49.99 retail value)

- Tactical flashlight ($29.99 retail value)

- Personalized name tag ($5.00 retail value)

- Lunch (Menu Choice)

A total retail value of $169.98.

Non-refundable & Non-transferable fees:

All fees paid to CSTA are Non-refundable & Non-transferable (to another person or another class date) and must be pre-paid in advanced. CSTA will not provide a refund, credit, or rain check if a student fails a test, unable to qualify at the range (Level III & IV only), unable to perform the course tasks, dismissed from a class for any reason, unable to attend the class for any reason, unable to continue, sick, fail to attend or exit the class voluntarily. Once a student has paid for a spot in class, it is sold regardless if the student attends or not. Again all fees are Non-refundable and Non-transferable. 

Most security schools train people to become guards.

Our academy educates individuals to produce officers!

Your Instructor will be Harry Cooper:

Harry has over 30 years as a Security and Safety professional. Harry is recognized for developing Security and Safety training programs, leading teams and initiating successful HSSE processes for major high risk companies, primarily in the energy industry. Harry is known for working closely with Upper and Executive Management to introduce, implement and monitor key management reporting in these important areas.

Harry has trained over 14,000 people in Security and Safety processes worldwide and educated/trained over 600 trainers. Prior to Joining Credible Security Solutions, Inc. and Credible Security Training Academy, Harry had over 23 years of combined experience with

SantaFe/GlobalSantaFe and Transocean, Harry served as a Senior Corporate Advisor in the role as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for all the HSSE Management System. Developed and maintained HSSE related training as required and facilitated workshops when requested, trained over 14,000 people and trained over 600 hundred trainers to deliver Safety processes. Harry has lead multiple high level (fatal) Investigations, and trained more than 200 trainers as Senior Incident Investigator trainers. Assisted in HSSE Management meetings with customers, regulators and executive management as required. Harry also served as a highly trained Combat Commander in the British Military (Army), providing Personal Protection for the Royal Family and the Sultan of Oman (Sultan Qaboos). Harry’s skills in Investigations and Safety Processes has taken him to the following regions/countries: Asia and the Pacific Rim: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. Africa: Angola, Liberia, and Nigeria. South Africa: Cape Town, Johannesburg. Europe: Azerbaijan, England, Germany, Russia, and Scotland. Middle East: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Thumrait, Kasab, Salahla, Qatar, Cairo, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. North America: Canada and the Gulf of Mexico. South America: Brazil and Trinidad. Mediterranean: Turkey, Cyprus.

Harry’s Military Record and Awards are: Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces, Warrant Officer Class I. HM Forces Worldwide, Sergeant Detachment Combat Commander, awarded GSM and Distinguished Award of Commendation – Awarded by the Commander of the Sultan’s Armed Forces.

In addition to our training academy, please feel free join, Houston Credible Security Meetup for FREE!

That is correct! As of now, this group is FREE by joining today. We will hold monthly meetings in a luxurious office setting in the heart of Houston and provide lunch for all members who RSVP to our events. Click on the Meetup logo to learn more and become one of Houston's Security Professionals.

#crediblesecurity #cssone #crediblesecuritytraining #crediblesecuritymeetup

The goal of this meet up as a group is to improve the security and investigative industry one

officer/investigator at a time by having discussions on different topics that affect us all in the industry. 

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