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Quad-Counterfeit Detection Unit (FREE with the purchase of a Counterfeit Detection Security Consultation)

Price: FREE

No product


Tri-Counterfeit Detection Unit (FREE with the purchase of a Counterfeit Detection Security Consultation)

Price: FREE

No product

Counterfeit Detection Security Consultation Fee

The unit will be delivered to your location by a licensed security consultant/private investigator/personal protection officer who will conduct an on-site training class to educate your team on the latest counterfeit scams and how to use the equipment effectively. (This will be a 30-60 minute consultation. Any additional time will be invoiced at C.S.S.'s hourly rate.)


3 x 5 Adhesive Decal (Each CSS-1 or CSS-2 includes one ATTENTION Decal.

Each additional decal is priced below.)

1 Bulb

Ultraviolet or White Light (Each CSS-1 or CSS-2 includes one

UV bulb and one white light bulb. Each additional bulb is priced below.)

3 Bulbs

Ultraviolet or White Light (approximately

21,000 hours lifetime for under $10.00)

*CSS Lifetime Protection Plan

-Life time warranty covers parts and labor for use and ***abuse*** claims. (UV or White Bulbs not included) - Life time Technical Support (90% of Service Cases we can troubleshoot over the phone) - Replacement if the unit can not be repaired. ***The CSS Lifetime Protection Plan covers you if your unit is broken or defective and needs to be replaced due to normal use. If the unit is damaged or broken due to abuse, there will be a $4.99 re-stocking fee with each replacement.***

RFID Blocking Card Protector

This Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Blocking Card sleeve will protect your credit card from would be thieves who may attempt to steal your credit card information by pick pocketing you electronically. (FREE with the purchase of a Counterfeit Detection Security Consultation)

CSS-1 Information

**A CSS-1 User Manual and a Counterfeit Detection Quick Reference Guide** can be found at the bottom of this page for you to download and print. Also below, there is a link to the U.S. Secret Service webpage with instructions regarding what you should do in the event that you obtain a counterfeit note as well as the appropriate form that you can download, print, complete and submit.

·Both units include a large built-in magnifying lens for micro-printing verification.

·Powerful ultraviolet light detector (one 9W UV lamp-approximately 7000 hours lifetime)

·Also, equipped with a watermark verification window with white light (one 7W lamp).

·The CSS-1 is equipped with a magnetic detector, to further increase bill or document analysis capability by detecting the magnetic ink character recognition (MICR).

·Compact and portable sturdy plastic body.

·Accurate and convenient to use.

·Specifically designed to protect the user from direct eye exposure to the UV rays.

· Eliminates/Reduces counterfeit losses. 

The CSS-1 or CSS-2 are only as effective as the owners usage. Please use the unit on ALL currency (American and foreign), state issued identification cards, travelers checks, money orders, credit cards, passports, casino chips, event tickets and other items.

Do you have a sign like the one below posted within your location?

Stop the counterfeiter from affecting YOUR business and remove those signs from your windows! There are many issues with having a sign such as this with the most important ones being;

  • You are driving good customers away who may only have a $100 or $50 banknote to use in order to make a purchase. However, more importantly......

  • You are broadcasting to everyone that you DO NOT have a method of validating the banknotes being accepted within your location. So now, the fake note passer will use all of the counterfeit $20 banknotes he or she has knowing you will accept them and that they will NOT BE DETECTED!

You can replace those signs with the CSS adhesive "ATTENTION" decal that could make the fake note passers think twice before entering your business. 

We have provided units and training for privately owned businesses and large corporations.

Discounted prices and WHOLESALE rates are available when multiple units are ordered.

This is a "must have" product. So,

if you have a register to secure your cash, 

hen you must have a CSS-1 to

validate your cash!!

Please contact us by phone or email now to receive your unit along

with the QRG and "ATTENTION" decal, all for FREE when scheduling

an in person security consultation for you and your team of employees today!

Main: 713-936-CSS1 (2771)

Fax: 713-481-6264

Email Us

All units have a 1 year **warranty** on normal use from the date of installation. However,

a lifetime protection plan can be purchased.

**The CSS-1 and CSS-2 products are warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects, as long as the original purchaser owns the unit, during the life of the product. For purposes of this warranty statement, the "Life of the Product"

is defined as 1 year from the date of the original purchase. CSS's limit of liability under this warranty is to repair or replace the product at CSS's option. Consequential costs such as, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of time, or freight charges are not covered. Any product that has been abused, altered, tampered, or incorrectly operated is not covered unless the CSS Lifetime Protection Plan is purchased. If the CSSLPP is purchased and the unit needs to be replaced due to abuse, altering, tampering or incorrect operation, a $4.99 re-

stocking fee will apply. Product finish and light bulb life is excluded from both warranties. **

RFID Information

Today, many credit cards, driver's licenses, transit cards, government identification cards, school, hospital, and company identification cards have a Radio-Frequency-Identification chip embedded inside them. In addition, all passports and passport cards issued since October 2006 have them as well. These chips carry your personal information and since thieves can easily purchase RFID scanners online, they are now able to steal your information right through your purse or wallet, without your knowledge or consent! The CSS RFID Blocking Card Protector can help reduce this type of "electronic pick pocketing" from occurring. They will help protect you from identity theft by preventing communication with a RFID reader while the card is in its RFID Blocking sleeve. The sleeves are made from durable paper infused with a special alloy that help block the radio signals needed to read the information contained on these chips. You can obtain yours today for FREE with the purchase of a Counterfeit Detection Security Consultation.  

CSS-1 User's Manual

(PDF — 79 KB)

Counterfeit Note Report

(PDF — 304 KB)

We accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards as forms of payment

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