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Did George W Bush Almost Admit 9/11 was a 'Conspiracy'?

This article is not to claim that there was or wasn't  a conspiracy on 09/11. However, it does seem pretty clear that George Bush was going to use the word "conspiracy" during the interview that took place on Nightline, 04/24/13, which is posted below. The fact that the word 'another' was used right before that word slip, it does pose the question as to what OTHER conspiracy the he was referring too. Since Diane Sawyer's question was related to the possibility that the Boston bombing took him right back to the horrific events on 09/11, one could assume that the phrase he nearly stated, 'another conspiracy' was connected to his thoughts about 09/11. 

To shed light on this theory, right before that comment was almost spoken; his body language and facial micro-expressions seemed as if he was attempting to conceal a thought. This concealed thought was obviously in response to the question related to 09/11.  This can be seen when he pierced lips while taking a gasp for air before speaking, which then leads to him almost using the word 'conspiracy'. (39 seconds into the video)

In addition, please notice his wife's eyes at exactly 41 seconds into the video when he nearly utters that word 'conspiracy'. Her micro-expression seemed to show a very quick flash of surprise or fear. These two emotions can look similar to some but since her lips weren't stretched across her face, I personally would assume her look was that of surprise.

Also, was the question ever answered? Again, the question/comment was "The terrorism in Boston,  many people have wondered if it took you right back to 09/11 when you heard it?" His long winded answer of 33 seconds, along with body language, never really did address the question. One thing we know for sure now is that "It's really hard to protect the homeland."

What are your thoughts on the word slip as well as his wife's reaction? 

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